Spotlight On: St. George’s, Grenada

Known as the “Spice Island”, Grenada is located to the northeast of Venezuela and is the largest island in the Grenadine island chain. Tourism is the island’s main industry, though spice production—hence the nickname—is also a major industry.

The capital, St. George’s is a picturesque Caribbean city perched along a pleasant turquoise horseshoe-shaped harbour. With a population of just over 33,000, bustling isn’t exactly a word one would use to describe the city, but there is a definite pulse and charm to be found on its narrow streets.

Visitors will find plenty of interesting shops and boutiques as well as cafes and restaurants where—if you’re lucky—you’ll hear one of the locals telling folk tales. Storytelling is an important aspect of Grenadian culture and the tales can be traced back to both French and African routes.

If it’s peace and quiet you seek—head to Grand Anse beach where you’ll find sugar-white sand, clear water, rolling waves, and a spectacular view of the city of St. George’s.