Spotlight On: Roseau, Dominica

While Dominica might look the part of a tropical island, it doesn’t come with all the usual trappings—meaning this tiny Caribbean nation is more breathtaking nature and spectacular scenery than pool parties and booze-cruises.

While much of the island is filled with lush tropical forest, the capital, Roseau, is the urban heart. With streets lined with historic stone and wood buildings, Roseau is best experienced on foot as most city streets are narrow and difficult to navigate in a vehicle. Architecture buffs will enjoy seeing the different historical influences—from French, to Spanish, to English—around town.

Not many people live in the downtown core, so Roseau is best explored by day when the majority of residents commute to the downtown core for work.

The main area of attraction is the Bayfront, the waterfront area where many cruise ships dock—tourism is a vital part of the city’s economic sector.

But for what Roseau may lack in terms of sights and nightlife, the rest of the island of Dominica more than makes up for in natural wonders. Roseau is best for a quick visit on your way to sites like Boiling Lake in Morne Trois Pitons National Park or Trafalgar Falls.