More Affordable Radiology and Oncology Treatment Coming to Grenada

Cancer care and treatment just became a lot more affordable in Grenada. The government of Grenada has signed a major agreement with the OECS Cancer Institute in Antigua ensuring affordable treatment is more readily available to Grenadian citizens. The move makes Grenada the second country to sign such an agreement (Dominica was the first).

The deal ensures a fixed cost of $10,000 for complete treatment—not per visit—to any Grenadian citizen in need of treatment for cancer. Previously, those in need of treatment were required to travel aboard and face costs of between US $15,000 – $20,000 per visit. With the introduction of a fixed cost, the savings will be considerable for Grenadians.

The deal also gives Grenadians access to the only specialized care in the region, which means good news for those who are facing illness. According to global health statistics, prostate, colon and rectum, and breast cancer respectively make up nearly 40% of all deaths from cancer in Grenada. But with access to better and more affordable treatment options, the prognosis is looking up.