Canada: New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Program

A Canadian passport is one of the most coveted in the whole world. And while larger cities like Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal have much to offer, some of the smaller cities, towns, and communities in Canada offer interesting economic opportunities in addition to the benefits of living, studying, and working in this nation.

The province of New Brunswick is located on the eastern coast of Canada and offers entrepreneurial investors a direct route to permanent residency (and that coveted Canadian passport) that other similar programs in Canada don’t necessarily offer in the same way.

While there are major city centres like Moncton, Saint John, and Fredericton, New Brunswick is a much more rural province than other areas in Canada. An abundance of fresh air, stunning scenery, and wide-open spaces in addition to appealing investment opportunities make this province ideal for those looking to settle in Canada. The landscape has also contributed directly to New Brunswick’s economy—many of Canada’s leading family businesses were started in the province thanks to its rich natural resources.

Building on the entrepreneurial spirit that is at the heart of many of New Brunswick’s businesses and successful industries, the New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Program was developed to directly appeal to experienced business owners who are looking to build or expand their business in the province of New Brunswick. The program also welcomes senior managers who are interested in providing their expertise to existing businesses.

Interested and qualified applicants in the New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Program must first deposit $100,000 CAD in escrow funds with the Government of New Brunswick. Though other provinces like Prince Edward Island don’t require an escrow deposit, New Brunswick’s program offers a more direct route to permanent residency in a shorter period of time. New Brunswick is also Canada’s only officially bilingual province (English and French).

Once the deposit is made, applicants must outline their intention and business plan to establish and run a business in New Brunswick worth a minimum investment of $250,000 CAD. Applicants must also demonstrate their intention and plan for how they will be directly involved in the daily management of the business. Full program details and prerequisites on business requirements can be found through contacting us directly.

Once the terms and conditions of the Business Performance Agreement have been fulfilled, applicants are eligible to receive a refund and return of the escrow deposit as well as permanent residency.